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travelling and studying in and around finland. enjoying snow, meeting new people and struggling with a new language.

remembering simone and going it alone

Q left to go back home to Australia. I worked hard at having a Good Day, the last day we spent together, and I think I did quite well in not being much of a sobbing mess. I dropped them … Continue reading

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things that make me happy in berlin

Inn-Berlin I have stayed in a lot of hostels, and my experience in this one easily makes the top three. It is run pretty much the way I would run a hostel – and they seem to have thought of … Continue reading

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inari by midnight / rovaniemi by sunlight

I spent a whirlwind few days up in Inari in Lapland, to finish this part of my Finland adventures. Inari is about 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, in the land of the ‘midnight sun’. I caught the night … Continue reading

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in which the finns prove they can “wuhuu”* with the best of them

For most of you it will have completely escaped your notice that the International Ice Hockey World Championships were on recently. I found out while watching the second Eurovision semifinal with a friend, whom we shall call ‘Finn 1′, as … Continue reading

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heippa äiti

my favourite cafe comes with its own small children! they arrived out the front yelling “moi äiti, moikka äiti!” (hi mum, hello mum!) before getting into the cafe bike trailer to fetch some milk with their isä (dad). I, having … Continue reading

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So my Finnish friends keep telling me that “spring is here” but today is the first day I actually believe it. We were away from Q’s place for two days and when we came back there was grass and moss … Continue reading

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they learn what food is

Here’s my newest thing that I am excited about and would like to see installed in Australian schools. In Finland’s schools, every student has a warm, healthy, tasty (it is mandated, so it must be so) meal for lunch, provided … Continue reading

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news from a monday

yesterday morning I woke up stupidly early (7 am) and faffed. I had vegemite on rice crackers for breakfast, which is not at all the same as vegemite on toast, but alas, my flat does not possess a toaster. sad. … Continue reading

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an idea of uni in helsinki

So, my semester of study here is halfway through now. How am I finding it? Not the thrilling excitement I was expecting. It’s more your quiet satisfaction and moments of triumph. Also, I miss my peeps in my hometown. But, … Continue reading

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ow, my ankle

When we arrived in Helsinki, it was freezing and snowy and lovely. A little while after, it warmed up and hovered around zero. This means that all the lovely snow starts to melt, and then it refreezes. This creates scary, … Continue reading

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