So my Finnish friends keep telling me that “spring is here” but today is the first day I actually believe it. We were away from Q’s place for two days and when we came back there was grass and moss and greenery present. The sun has been shining all day, in that spring way, where you are uncomfortably warm if you are in the sun, and shivering if you are in shade.

I have been feelng all sickly, but have just spent an hour sitting with my ear facing the sun (yes, so all the gunk would melt) and the sun feels so lovely and warm, and I feel much better. i’m like a tropical plant in a greenhouse, but less green. The ever-optimistic temperature gauge hit +38 celsius while the sun was directly on it. It has since dropped back to a much more realistic 26.

On the bus home, we passed a river, and water was actually flowing. I think it is going to be fun watching the snow melt and finding out that big expanse of snow is actually the sea. I’m going to miss the snow, although I am now looking forward to discovering Helsinki underneath. Apparently it is made of rock. I was sure it was made of snow.




About precisofelsewhere

travelling and studying in and around finland. enjoying snow, meeting new people and struggling with a new language.
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