news from a monday

yesterday morning I woke up stupidly early (7 am) and faffed. I had vegemite on rice crackers for breakfast, which is not at all the same as vegemite on toast, but alas, my flat does not possess a toaster. sad. (and no, you can’t get vegemite here, i brought it with me.) i put the dishwasher on, because it hadn’t been on since last wednesday, and some of the dishes were a bit green. We are not the cleanest of folks, in this house.

i went and studied in the library for an hour (girly swot), because the library is RIGHT OPPOSITE MY HOUSE. The library (kirjasto) is next to a day care centre, so I could watch the children happily wrestling each other outside. They looked like they were doing some serious damage, but everyone was smiling, so the teachers let them go. I guess all that snow gear provides good padding.

After, I wandered down the road to meet Q at our coffee shop (Sävy cafe), where they know us, and I’m fairly sure we provide at least 10% of their weekly earnings. Good coffee is not well-understood in Helsinki. We wrote things and drank coffee, and I am instituting that as a daily ritual as often as possible, because, you know, it’s important that I have some ‘me time’ amongst all the hustle and bustle of my hectic life here.

Then, I caught the bus to the Viikki campus of uni. There, I enjoyed the delights of Unicafe (which merits an entire blog post all of its own), and did at least one whole hour of study, or at least study-related tasks, until it was snack time again, and I had a cinnamon bun. Remind to tell you some time about Finnish traditions, which ALWAYS involve some sort of sweet thing.

The day ended with Finnish class, 18.00-19.30. I am not at my best at this time, it must be said. However, I learnt about the partitiivi, which doesn’t seem to be too complicated. hopefully. it is one of the significant differences between finnish and english, though. It acts a bit like plurals, sometimes. Also we learnt how to say “I have” etc, which doesn’t directly translate, because there there is no verb equivalent of ‘to have’. that is a nice concept to think about.

this morning i woke up early again, because I don’t like to sleep with curtains, i like to wake up with the sun. honestly, it took me until today to work out that, in the land of the midnight sun, this may be a bit of a problem.

~ precis of


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travelling and studying in and around finland. enjoying snow, meeting new people and struggling with a new language.
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